Saturday, May 09, 2009

Review - Singin' In The Rain

For the past week, Singin' in the Rain was playing at our local Junior High School. One of the girls in Lynette's Young Women group was in the chorus, so we made an effort to go see the play. Lynette and I have always loved the show and the kids had fun with the video, so it didn't take any arm twisting to get us to go see it.

The show was fabulous. I was stunned at the professionalism and high quality performance from these young 12-15 year old kids. When I was that age, I certainly don't think I could have pulled off a 2+ hour show of that calibre. There were numerous times when it was hard to hear the lines though usually this was because the microphones didn't pick up the words.

I really felt like Cosmo stole the show...granted, I feel like he steals the show in the movie too. He just has the funnest lines/scenes/numbers/etc. Still, all of the leads did a fabulous job.

The set was well done. Simplistic, but still full enough to accomplish all sorts of cool interactions during the scenes. For the title song, they set up a type of sprinkler system to actually rain on the stage. It was great.

My only complaint was that the performance was held in the gym which sadly doesn't have any ventilation and as a result, it was very stuffy. Sitting on hard folding chairs in a hot gym made for some fidgety kids (and adults).

Still, the show was well worth attending and I was very impressed by the stellar performance by the kids at Bountiful Junior High. Great Job!!!

4.5 stars (out of 5)

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