Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Writing, Babysitting, Working, Scouts, Family, etc....a full weekend about to begin

Well, the next 4-5 days are going to be a little hectic...wish me luck. ;)

Later tonight, Lynette is leaving for Women's Conference for the next two days so I'll be playing Mr. Mom. I'm gonna miss her so much...and no, not because of all the stuff she does (though I will miss her because of all that work, which is HUGE...the few times she has left, I've been overwhelmed by all she does).

In between watching the kids/running carpools/helping with homework/etc, I'll be working from home to help keep projects on schedule. Tomorrow night I get to put on our Pack Meeting (theme of Jurassic Pack) and I'm still not quite sure of all the activities/etc for the program. Saturday is scout-a-rama, so that will be a fun filled day as well. And Sunday, my little sister is having her baby blessed in church so we'll be driving down for a big family fun day there. Amid all that fun, I have to narrow down my topic and write a ~7 page essay to finish up my English class.

Assuming I can get all of that done, I'm also hoping to either play through Tex Murphy: Overseer in preparation for the new game coming out by the new company (Big Finish Games) formed by the Tex Murphy creators...or to read Angels & Demons in prep for the new movie coming out (although I don't expect much from the movie, the book seems fun so far).

Should be a fun weekend. :)

Love ya Lynette...Miss ya...hurry back. :)


Kevin said...

Wow, did not know that about Chris and Aaron.
What a wacky world we live in!

Good luck with your Mr. Mom duties.

Okie said...

Yeah, I only recently (last week) stumbled on the new game news. It was adventure games that got me excited about games back in the day and I really liked their Tex Murphy I'm looking forward to see what they've been working on. :)