Friday, April 03, 2009

Indiana Jones and the Staff of Kings

I've been a huge Indy fan since I was a kid. I have great memories playing Indy with friends...sliding under closing garage doors, jumping of "cliffs" and escaping certain death. So naturally, I was excited a few years back when LucasArts announced a new Indy game being developed.

I'm very bummed that it won't be on the Xbox 360 (generally my console of choice thanks to great graphics, Live/Downloadable Content support, and "gamerscore"). Still, I really like the interaction that will be provided with the Wii through the Wii-mote. Hopefully it will get a port to the 360 eventually, but for now, I'll gladly take the Wii version for some whip cracking good times.

I'm super stoked!

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Adam Morgan said...

What did you think of Kingdom of the Crystal Skull?

Also, my post on the tv show was my April Fool's post! Thanks for the congratulations...maybe in a year or two I'll actually deserve them!