Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Defying Gravity

Less than a month until Wicked and we're stoked.

Here's an interesting vid clip to help me bide the time.


Lisa Moore said...

That's awesome. I am SOOOO excited to go see this!!!

Brii333 said...

OMG Wicked is amazing. You're going to love it.

Some other musicals that are good: Phantom of the Opera, Beauty and the Beast, Rent. Although, from what I've read, you like to take your kids to things, and so DON'T take them to Rent. a few things in that musical are not for young childrens ears...or eyes. It's still amazing.

Okie said...

Yeah...toooooootally looking forward to this. Counting the days (well, not really, but if I had time, I would be).

As to the recommendations:
* I've seen Phantom twice and while I enjoy the music and the basic storyline, I honestly almost fell asleep both times...yikes
* I saw Beauty & the Beast once at DisneyLand while they were prepping the stage shown and I've seen it again on a Broadway tour once...it's a lot of fun. I'd love to take the kids sometime. I've also heard great things about Lion King, and there's a rumor that it's touring to Utah in the coming year or two so maybe that'll be the kids' first big scale production.
* I haven't seen Rent, but I like the music. I keep intending to go rent the movie but haven't gotten around to it. My brother raved about it after he saw it. I enjoy the story it's (loosely) based on La Boheme. I'm sure I'll see this someday.

Tickets for Wicked were too pricey to warrant taking the kids this time...but we are hoping to take them to see Joseph at the community theatre this summer to make it up to them. ;)

Gus said...

I went and saw it in Portland last week. It really is incredible.