Wednesday, January 21, 2009

What happens when I get sick?

So in addition to aching all over and being congested and brain has been completely muddled.

I'm working a split schedule right now to attend school. So this morning, I dragged myself to work and plugged away through the morning tasks. At 11, I went out to the parking lot to head to school.

I pushed my hand into my pocket to grab my keys...and there was nothing there.

I checked my coat pocket. Empty as well.

I checked my pants pocket again. Then all of my other pockets. I tried to figure out where I could have dropped my keys. I decided that since I was already outside, I'd look for them between the building and the car.

I didn't see anything on the ground, but as I got closer to my car, I realized that someone had left their car on. There was nobody around.

As I came upon my car, I realized that MY CAR was running.

I had gotten to work at about 8:30 and left my car running in the parking lot for 2 and a half hours without even realizing it.

Fortunately I had enough gas that it didn't die. Even more fortunately, nobody stole it.

The heater had been blowing for nearly 3 hours and the car was a sauna. I climbed in and shook my heavy, aching head as I realized what I'd done.

I need to get better. Calling in sick tomorrow to sleep. Ugh


Kevin said...

I did that same thing once only I locked the car when I got out. AND, I had people with me out to lunch. Luckily someone else came in a different car and could take everyone back while I waited for a locksmith to show up, yes with my car still running.
In your case I'm worried that you should even be driving at all right now! Get better!

Okie said...'s a mess.

I got up just now to send some emails for work and now it's back to bed.

MusWriter said...

some day. Sick, flipping out about "lost" car keys, and a car that had been running fo rway to long.

Sometimes i wonder if my life is terrible or not good. Well you top my bad days. ;-E

Hey, my background won't change. I have been trying to get a background like you but no matter how i try, it just won't pop up.

Post back or leave a comment on my blog. Do it when you feel like you have free time for you don't have to at all. I might find out. (But helping another goes very far.)

P.S. Lucky you that your car wasn't taken.
P.S.2. If you feel sick, remember this: You missed up all of those things you did in one day, importantly your car. Just call in and say that you are too sick.

Get well soon.

Okie said...

aaah....after a day of laying in bed and downing tons of fluids, I feel 70% better.

If the current rain will knock out the rest of the inversion, I'll hopefully hit 100% in time for my son's b-day party tomorrow.

Rebel, I'll check out your blog and see what I can see and post there in a bit.

MusWriter said...

thanks a million!