Tuesday, January 13, 2009

The price of virtue?

OK...go read this article.

I'm stymied at a lot of different people and organizations and the world in general as I read this.

First, I'm confused as to why there isn't more mention of this as an illegal act of prostitution. She mentions that her sister prostituted herself to pay for college. This new offer is even more blatant...prostitution by auction. It seems to me the state should have shut the auction down under some prostitution law.

Secondly, I wonder at the hypocrisy of this girl. She's prostituting herself away so she can earn money to pay for a degree in "Family and Marriage Therapy"?!?! Isn't that a huge contradiction? From what I've seen, promiscuity is the reason some people go to Family/Marriage therapy. Would you really want to go to a therapist who sold herself to the highest bidder?

Third, I'm curious who it was that paid millions of dollars for a one-night-stand. I have a few questions about the amount.
     First, I can only hope (with my higher sense of morals) that the outrageous winning bid was by someone trying to protect this girl from herself...who instead of sleeping with her, will pay for her college and let her keep her virtue (even though she's already essentially dragged it through the gutter just by this act). No offense to the girl, but somebody paying millions of dollars for a one-night-stand must be off his rocker somehow. I can hope that he's altruistic and puts a huge value on virtue...if he's truly planning on sleeping with her, this seems like a ridiculous amount of money to spend.
     Second, how can she justify accepting that much money. If her end goal was to pay for college, 3.7 million seems a bit over the top even at some of the "best" colleges out there (googling tuition costs at Harvard, Yale, etc. make me think that she could get through school on a couple hundred thousand for tuition, housing, etc.).

Finally, I'm worried at this becoming a trend. Another article tells about some foreign models doing the same thing. I also have no doubt that this is happening on a smaller scale (as indicated by the fact that this girl's sister did presumably more standard prostitution to pay for her own school in the past). How many people out there are compromising their own morals (or learning incorrect morals) in order to achieve "higher goals"? Why does society continue to present these sorts of compromises as acceptable? There have been numerous books/movies/TV shows with plots sadly similar to this. Not only is promiscuity on the rise and accepted as the norm...but are we now suggesting that prostitution is just as acceptable? I acknowledge that internationally, morals vary and so the Italian model may not think anything morally wrong...but my question is...do we want those same moral attitudes brought to our country?



Brii333 said...

This artical makes me incredibly sad, and a little bit angry. I mean, it is her choice, but it's a sad day when women sell themselves for money so they can pay for college. i hope i never have to stoop that low.

I've heard of many other girls prostituting to get through college, as well. (there was a documentery about it on tv.) but i agree with you--this is rediculous, especially for that much money. the man who paid that is either very kind (if he's not sleeping with her) or he's very, very ill and needs mental help.

Okie said...

Here's a news video about the auction. About a minute in, you'll see some of the supposed bidders. Winners all.