Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Jason's Birthday 2009

For Jason's birthday, he wanted a Batman theme. We weren't quite sure what sort of activities to plan for a group of nine year olds. They're a bit young for the new (and even the ~90s) Batman flicks. We turned on the old ~60s Batman movie and it held them entertained for a few, but we knew something more might be needed.

Fortunately, an unexpected visitor came to our rescue. As we adjourned from the cheesy movie to go and open presents and get cake, we found the table had been emptied except for a bright green piece of paper, dotted with question marks and touting a message.

It seems the Riddler was jealous he wasn't invited to the party and so he decided to steal the cake and the presents and hold them hostage until the kids followed his devious clues to their logical conclusions.

The kids spent the next hour huddled over cryptograms, rebuses, chess puzzles, word searches and fiendish riddles. There were many brain cramps and many shouts of joy as puzzles were solved and the kids worked their way closer and closer to their goal.

After an hour of searching and struggling through clues, they were overjoyed to find the cake (touting a batman ziplining down to his batmobile) and the pile of gifts all safe and sound.

Overall, a pretty successful party, despite of (or perhaps thanks to) the unexpected appearance of the Riddler on the scene.

Happy 9th Birthday Jason.

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