Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Find your medieval identity

I saw a couple of episodes of The Tudors...it was interesting, but a bit too graphic in a few areas for my taste.

Still, to help promote the release of season 2 on DVD, they've created a website with a quiz to help determine where you fit in the world of medieval culture.

Take the quiz and let me know where you fall.

I took it twice (once based on my student "career" and the other time based on being in IT). My two results were right next to each other on the chart...

I am either a Bishop or a Noble depending on my daily whims.

What about you?


Kevin said...

Gentleman or Thief.
Uh, I don't think so ;)

Okie said...

I see you as a gentleman thief...like Robin Hood or Fagin. ;)

Barry said...

Turns out I am a Bishop.

Which, it appears, was a pretty cushy job back in Tudor times.

Thanks, that was fun.

And don't forget to leave a few coins in the collection plate as you leave.

Okie said...

Yeah...a Bishop was a pretty good gig back in medieval days (as long as you're in favor with the king/pope).