Monday, December 22, 2008

New Years' Resolutions - brainstorming

I know it's not New Years yet (Christmas is still a couple days off), so don't think I'm crazy or that you've lost a week.

I just wanted to put this out there before I forgot it.

Here are some things I intend to get on my resolution list for 2009. Some have already been started and some may fall off the list in terms of priority and become "goals" rather than "resolutions", but here's my current brainstorm.

  1. Daily Scripture Study (I've started this one over the last few months, but I want to make it even better and be more diligent)
  2. Daily and Weekly creative writing (I fell off the creative writing wagon in '08 and need to get back on in '09 with daily and weekly writing)
    • Outcome here will be in the form of multiple short stories and the reemergence of the novel I wrote in 2007 which I intend to split into two separate novels and then submit to publishing houses
  3. Weekly romantic rekindling with the wife (could be a date, an act of service, a note or some other simple thing to keep the romance alive and growing)
  4. Read 50 books (I fell short on this goal in 2008, but I did start it late)
  5. Weekly exercise regime (both to lose some weight and to improve general health)
  6. Weekly "quality time" with kids (life has felt too busy lately and I feel like I'm putting off my kids until "later" far too often)
  7. Monthly Temple service
  8. Write letters to "distant" family members at least once a month
  9. At least two summer hikes (we intended to do Timp last summer and never got to it...we got halfway to Elephant rock...this summer I'm thinking we can do Timp plus Elephant Rock...maybe others)
  10. Finish School...finally graduate

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