Thursday, November 13, 2008

Chaucer Midterm done

Well...I had my Chaucer midterm today. I was both nervous and confident going into it. The professor does a fabulous job explaining the texts as we go through them and he also explained the format of the midterm very well. So generally I was confident. My main worry came just in familiarity with the Middle English language and the critical analysis of the work.

I'm fairly certain I nailed a solid B at least (possibly higher, but a B for sure).

We had a page of "passage identification" where we named the Tale or Prologue from which a particular sentence or stanza was pulled. I found myself flip-flopping a lot on the passages from the Merchant's and Clerk's tales for some reason. I can't remember where I finally landed on those. So there's two passages I may have gotten wrong if I landed on the wrong inversion. I also made a stupid recollection and mistakenly attributed a passage from the Wife of Bath as having been part of the Clerk's tale. Both were marriage related, but it was obviously the Wife of Bath's tale and I kicked myself for the misattribution. I think I got the rest of the passage identification questions correct so I should be sitting pretty there.

The essay portion required analysis of the Squire's Tale and comparing it to any of the previous Tales in terms of style, form, or other notable features. I wrote a bit on the use of occupatio used by the Squire and the Knight and the evident disparity between the two. While it was far from a perfect essay, I felt it was likely a solid B (though I think I had some good "A"-worthy points in there).

I'm not worried about the grade, so it didn't ruin my week with studying and it won't ruin my weekend fretting over the final grade. But I am curious to see how it turned out so I can stress or relax as we move towards the final and the final paper.

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