Thursday, August 21, 2008

Video Game Industry articles

A couple of industry articles I read lately.

First, an article from a "woman in games" and her perception of what that really means.

Second, the salary survey results which I like to read just to see what that market is still acting like now that I'm out of it. (Looking at those numbers makes me glad the "business" world pays more for QA than the games's also interesting that there isn't a demographic for a 6+ year tester who didn't become a lead)

And finally, an article about why we need HUD, GUI and other elements that "break the illusion of reality." This one was especially intriguing since during my last title, there was a TON of hubub both in my studio and in the industry about ideas of getting entirely away from HUD and GUI elements so that the gamer was completely immersed.

Anyway, I thought you might find these interesting.

One more article I was recently sent. This one is an article from PBS debunking 8 popular myths in the video game world. I know that you can use stats/data to skew things in any direction, so I'm fairly middle ground on most of these "myths." My main belief is that, as with anything, video games need to be approached with moderation and with a sense of proportion and prioritization. Anything taken too far can be bad. If you find video games you don't like...don't play them...don't let your kids play them...write letters to the designers. But don't make a blanket statement that video games are bad as a result. There are plenty of games I feel are awful influences and should never have been made. But there are others that I find very enjoyable and I think provide some good influences.

Everything in wisdom and moderation.

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