Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Mr. Mom

Well, Lynette's off at girl's camp this week which leaves me playing Mr. Mom. Lynette's been a little nervous/worried about camp since she's "ward camp director" and there's a lot to organize and get together...but she's done a fabulous job and I'm sure things are going off without a hitch for her and that she's having tons of fun.

Back at home, I can only hope I'm doing half as well.

My job lets me work from home, but it's a hard balance trying to juggle my normal 'day job' with the 24/7 job that Lynette usually takes care of. She is absolutely amazing in her way to calmly and casually keep everything running smoothly and perfectly.

It's been fun being able to hang out with the kids a bit more than usual...but because things are hectic at work, I'm torn and have to try and give it a lot of my attention to, so I often feel like I'm kind of neglecting the kids unless they're screaming or crying.

Still, it's been nice and we're having fun. We played some board games tonight, and will be doing movies tomorrow...not sure what else the week will bring, but hopefully a we'll have fun.

I miss Lynette being here and the kids definitely do as well. I miss her not only for her, but also because I'm very overwhelmed by all that she does so easily day in and day out. For any time I've taken her for granted in the past (and likely will do again in the future...though I'll try not to), I sincerely apologize and bow at the feet of a true miracle worker.

"Stay at home moms" are amazing. Mr. Mom can only briefly placate the kids...mostly as a novelty...but only ever so inadequately.

Hurry home Lynette.

Love ya.

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