Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Cleaning things up

OK, so in some of my movie review posts, you may have noticed a couple of common themes. Or maybe I'm imagining them. Over the past few years especially I've gotten very complacent about the media and fairly desensitized to violence, gore, bad language and other things of the sort.

Recently, as evidenced with my reviews of "Wanted" and "The Dark Knight", I was more sensitive and upset about violence, language, gore and other bad elements than I have been in recent years. That, along with some other things going on, led me to reevaluate the kinds of things I'm surrounding myself with for entertainment and I've decided that it's time to declutter the mess.

Interestingly at the same time as my thinking (and she definitely did help influence me in the finality of the decision), Lynette was at girls camp and one of the speakers there inspired her to "leave something at camp" and she decided to 'give up R rated movies.'

So, in both solidarity to her and a desire to truly declutter my own life of the garbage and junk around it, I have decided to stop watching R rated movies. I'm also going to pare down my video game, music and book collections by getting rid of the unsavory things cluttering those up as well (with games, it's pretty easy...the ESRB rating makes that fairly clear...with music it can be easy if there's an 'advisory' sticker, but otherwise both books and books can be iffy).

Anyway, I'll be hitting up gamestop and graywhale to try and trade in my "dark" and non-uplifting titles for something more family friendly and appropriate.

Hopefully this shift will help me be more enlightened and perhaps ooze its good will into my house and home as well. :)

Wish me luck...there are some R-rated movies and M-rated games due out this year that I've been stoked about.


Josh Moore said...

Way to go buddy!

Anonymous said...

Definitely GL! I've been R-less for a while now, and we also try to make intelligent decisions about some PG13 movies as well.