Tuesday, May 20, 2008

How big is the Interweb?

After a bit of curiosity and subsequent searching, I found this report.

It seems the Internet is currently (as of January 2008) ~160 million sites. Not all of those are active (looks like a little less than half of those are active), but it's still a staggering number of domains out there. Their studies go back about a dozen years...back to a couple of years after I made my own first cheesy page (I checked...it's not there anymore).

I would be interested to see more detail of the study. Obviously nobody's going to sit down and surf to all of those sites, but based on those that have valid META tags, I'd be interested in seeing a chart outlining the different types of web content out there in those millions of sites...both in terms of language/country/etc and in terms of the contextual purpose of the site (personal, corporate, informational, etc.).

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