Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Happy Birthday Mr. Fleming

Today is Ian Fleming's birthday....war hero and author. If you don't know his name (first of all, shame on you), he's the author of the James Bond series of books as well as Chitty-Chitty-Bang-Bang. I knew he had served in the British military and used some of his gained knowledge and experience as inspirations for his books, but there's some cool trivia bits over in this article that bring more depth to the man.

I've only read two of the James Bond books thus far but I've really enjoyed them and plan to read through the rest of the series eventually.

There is also a NEW James Bond book released today by author Sebastian Faulks. There have been numerous James Bond books by other authors over the years...I think it's interesting that this book is written by Sebastian Faulks "writing as Ian Fleming." That seems to suggest some sort of "official" sanction by the Fleming estate on this book, which means it could be better than the other fan fiction. I guess I'll add it to the list for after I finish some more of the actual Fleming books.

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