Thursday, May 08, 2008

Death's Diary

Back in 1990 I heard a song on the radio and absolutely loved it. It was from a solo album by Marc Almond, singer for SoftCell (the "Tainted Love" group). I never heard anything else by him and I could never bring myself to buy the album for that single song without hearing the rest of the album, especially as it became less available (at one point, I could only get it as an import for $30+).

Now, thanks to iTunes, I have added Death's Diary to my music collection. Lynette just sort of shook her head and called me sick as I bobbed my head and grinned with joy listening to it.

For those unfamiliar, here are the you read them, imagine a peppy sound behind it...almost eastern euro....reminds me a little bit of the theme music from the game Tetris.

Enjoy. I know I will. :)

Death's Diary
by Marc Almond

On Monday I took a flower
Dried it in my hand
Covered it in poison
And I threw it on the land
On wasted ground it tried to root
But chiked upon the sand


And there's room in my diary for you, my friend
And there's room in my diary for you

On Tuesday I took a bird
Such pain to hear it sing
I blackened it with petrol
And oiled its little wings
I tainted the breeze
As I threw it to the wind

Repeat chorus

On Wednesday I took a man
He begged please help me die
For he lay in pain and suffering
It made his loved ones cry
I can be terrible and gentle
In the blinking of an eye

Repeat chorus

On Thursday I took a woman
Heavy with a child
My old friend Rape had paid a visit
Had stayed a little while
In a back street I touched her
With a wire and a smile

Repeat chorus

On Friday I took a city
Cursed it with a plague
Powdered crystals, smoking pipes
To crush and to enslave
And a row of dirty needles
Lines the route onto the grave

Repeat chorus

On Saturday I took a country
Praying for the rain
Parched throats and swollen lips
Without a harvest grain
And I wiped out generations
And I'll do it all again

Repeat chorus

On Sunday I took the world
A bomb I did employ
Seven days to create life
And one day to destroy
Every woman every man
Every girl and boy

Repeat chorus

Now as I close my diary
And I've made my final date
I blow away the ashes
And I stoke the smoking grate
I've no distinction between pain and joy
No line twixt love and hate

There's no room in my diary for you, my friend
There's no room in my diary for you

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