Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Which tool to use

Somewhat along the vein of my last post (about finding the right QA tool), here's a more leisurely tool request. I love reading. I have a lot of books. So, I've had a lot of fun with the various book cataloging/community sites I've found.

Library Thing
Good Reads

If you look at my "shelves" on each site, you'll probably see which one I've spent the most time at so far.

Unfortunately, there are things I like that are exclusive to each site and there are also some things I'm not keen on from each site. However, I really don't want to try and maintain three separate book cataloging sites. Still, I want to outline my entire library (yeah, my wife cocks her eye and says I'm crazy when I show her) and give reviews and thoughts about the books I've read and books I plan to read.

So, to the world wide community out there...have any of you used any of these sites? All of these sites? Other sites (not that I need anything new to choose from)? What are your findings/thoughts about each?

As an added bonus, there are definitely community aspects on these sites, so if my friends are active members on any of these, please let me know since that may help sway my vote.

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