Monday, January 28, 2008

8 years

Well, my oldest son turned 8 years old this past weekend. Makes me feel old (it was church yesterday a girl was giving a talk and mentioned how she'd just graduated from high school a couple of years ago and was recently married and everything...then proceeded to talk about how "old" she felt...I kept waiting for the congregation to groan...I think she was expecting a laugh...she didn't get one).

Anyway, Jason turned 8. We had a fun Pokemon party on Saturday with his friends and then had the family over on Sunday for cake and ice cream. We also pulled out some old home movies and watched them...watched his first couple of birthdays and some other vids when he was a baby.

I know I'm not old...but it just feels really strange to have an 8 year old. I remember being doesn't seem like it was that long ago. It's crazy how time goes by.

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