Monday, November 26, 2007

Happy Thanksgiving....and the weekend

To everybody in the US, I hope you had a great Thanksgiving. To everybody around the world...I hope you had a great Thursday. ;) I'll post some pics later on my Picassa album, and if you're lucky, I'll even link to them from here.

Thursday - Thanksgiving Day
My Thanksgiving was pretty good. On Thursday, we went to my folks house for a loverly Turkey "dinner" (around noon). It wasn't a HUGE gathering like some families have...there were about a dozen of us altogether. It was nice though. The food was great, the company was great. Very fun.

After eating, we went into Salt Lake to watch the movie Enchanted. I'll do a separate post on that (I'm toying with doing "review" posts). The movie was a lot of fun...saccharine and cheese filled, but a lot of fun. I think everybody enjoyed it. Lynette's family met us at the theater to watch the show, so there were close to 20 of us there...we took up a complete row of seats. :)

After the movie, we headed back to my parents house for some game playing fun to continue National Games Week. The kids played with toys down in the daycare area and also pulled out Disney Sorry for a play while the adults played a game of Ticket to Ride. We were going to play more, but the kids were winding down and bedtime was approaching, so we headed home at that point after just chatting for a bit.

Friday was Thanksgiving at our house with Lynette's family. First, Lynette rolled out of bed just after 5 and hit a couple of the sales to get some good deals on things people were after. She was back home and in bed by about 6:30. After breakfast, the turkey went into the oven and we went on a few errand runs. About this point, I started feeling sick, sick, sick. :(

By 11 or 12, I was totally feeling sick and just wanted to lay about and do nothing. *ugh* A little after noon, Karla came over to help finish prepping and by about 2, the turkey was out of the oven, stuffing, carrots and other sides were on the table and we had a Thanksgiving feast ready to begin. Lynette's mom arrived with Andrea and her kids and we ate again. :)

After dinner, I just sort of flopped into a chair and tried to get my head to stop screaming at me. Others wanted to hit a handful of other sales, so some shopping began and the house quieted down a bit. As people came in and out, I worked on trying to catch up on a bit of my homework (I'm up to ~70% in my Spanish class now...with a little less than a week to try and finish everything). After everybody left, we just relaxed around the house.

Saturday was spent catching up on errands, doing some shopping for groceries rather than gifts (although we did some gift shopping later), and relaxing. I was busy doing my homework but our computer has decided to start spazzing out lately. I'm thinking either our Power Supply or memory is going out. I'm not getting any critical stops, just random reboots. :( After having it reboot on me three times while trying to write a two page paper, I got frustrated and said we should go check out the stores to see what sort of prebuilt systems they had on sale.

Computer Shopping
Why can't they sell PCs that actually have combinations of everything you'd need rather than just half of it? First of all, they all come preloaded with the bloatware OS Vista. Which means I want at least 1-2 gig ram along with at least 256 MB video memory. All of the PCs out there seemed to have one bit of hardware pushed up while the others were all mediocre. So I could get a 3GHz CPU with 1 Gig ram and a 128 MB onboard video card, or a 1.8 GHz CPU with 1/2 gig RAM and a 256 MB nvidia card. Hard drives also varied, ranging from 180 to 500 MB. I just bought a 400 MB drive after the HD in my computer died...but I bought IDE and everything is going SATA now.
Anyway, after looking around for an hour or so, I gave up and just came home to work on homework on my dying computer, just being sure to save every 10 seconds.

Sunday morning was church. It was my week to teach our Primary class, so I hoarsely rambled through some of the missions of Paul. After church, Lynette let me get a nap to try and feel better. We had a tithing settlement at 3. After that, we played a game of Ricochet Robots while dinner cooked. I was amazed that even with my cloudy head I squeaked out a win against was pretty close though.

By the end of Sunday night, I was starting to feel a little better, but still not 100%. But despite being sick a large part of the weekend, it was a great Thanksgiving and it was a nice break. I also felt pretty good about the major progress done on homework (pulled from 30% to 70%). Back to the grind on Monday, muttering through a head cold, but getting better.


Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear you were sick for Thanksgiving. :(

Glad to read you still had an enjoyable weekend. Thanksgiving to New Year's is my favorite time of year. :)

Kevin said...

Ahem! Do I really need to say anything about the computer shopping??????!!!!!!??????
Have I taught you nothing? Have I given you no new knowledge? Has none of me rubbed off on you? Are you baiting me?
All of the 'problems' you complain about in your shopping experience can be solved by one blissful, peaceful, inspirational trip to:

Of course I know your answer...what about the games? You know PC gaming is dying, think about how much more you play on your consoles than your PC.

Okie said...

Actually, I do have my eyes on a Mac on the horizon (2 actually one as a desktop and one laptop)...the price is a little high for what I want though. So I just need to grab a quick $400 PC to fit the bill in the meantime and then move on.

With just a few exceptions, most of my gaming has gone to the console world anyway...when I have time to game, that, work and family all are higher priorities than gaming.

Anyway, you'll be glad to know that I am semi-converted and WILL be buying 1-2 macs in the coming years...but I still have need of the PC world for the time being.