Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Sick, sick, sick - boy tied in the car so his mom could finish her date

OK...I admit freely that taking your kids to a restaurant can sometimes be a very trying experience, but this is just awful. Apparently this couple was trying to enjoy a meal in a restaurant and partway through the meal, the man takes the 6 year old boy outside and comes back without him. Where's the kid? He's been locked inside the car with a rope around his ankle to keep him from getting out.

Granted, the man wasn't the child's parent, so his parenting skills are obviously non-existent. However, plain common sense and a sense of humanity should have restrained him. Beyond that, the boy's mother (likely on a date with this guy) should've shown some sort of parenting in the situation...expressed the patience with the child...told the boyfriend (or whatever he is) that he was way out of line.

Something. Anything.

How can people be so awful without thinking twice. Ugh.

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Josh said...

61 and 35, sick. Boy tied in car, sick. Mother didn't do anything, sick. Now I see. :)