Thursday, May 24, 2007

Pirates is getting panned - still going to see it the few articles I've read so far about the new Pirates movie are pretty scathing. Apparently Disney handed a questionnaire to reporters attending a pre-screening. Among the items on the survey was the question "What was your favorite scene?" to which one reporter had the pithy remark "the end credits."

I know many people who absolutely loved Black Pearl and barely tolerated the second one or outright "didn't like" Dead Man's Chest. I, for one, enjoyed the first flick better but I still definitely enjoyed the second and had a lot of fun with the new developments added. It definitely was dark and lacked some of the humor from the first film...but that doesn't necessarily make it worse, does it?...after all, a pirate's life surely was rather dark...especially if he's being hunted down by a supernatural sea lord. I guess it depends on what you were expecting. The first film was a lot of fun. The second was still a lot of fun.

In any case, I've got my tickets for Pirates and have every intent to fully immerse myself into the ~3 hour film this weekend. Will I be disappointed? I hope not...I'll let you know Monday. :)

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