Monday, April 02, 2007

Comcast Update

UGH! So last week, I contacted Comcast about signing up for their Internet service and the rep I chatted with was unable to help me because they apparently have their software super locked down so only people on-site at the local office can type in a new user into their I had to go down to a local office. I indicated that the process sucked and that I'd have to go on Saturday. The rep apologized and wished me good luck.

So...Saturday comes. I drive (with my two boys) out to Salt Lake and track down the office up in Sugarhouse. Being mid-afternoon on a Saturday, there was a HUGE line (not terrible, but there were ~20 people in front of me...the line stretched all the way across their lobby). I let my kids jump up and down on their furniture while I waited.

25 minutes later, I was at the front of the line and stepped up to a customer service rep. I told her that I wanted to sign up for brand new service. She apologized and said she hadn't been trained on that, but I could step back in line and the next person could help me. So, I shook my head and stepped back. A couple of minutes later, I went to the next rep. He also was unable to help me and directed me to a line of 3 other people waiting to get new service.

So, I stepped to the new line and waited another 5-10 minutes. I made my way down to the end of the counter with the next rep (who I hoped could help me). I indicated I wanted new service...and she didn't turn me away. Hooray, first step passed.

However, the real fun was yet to come. She asked for my address and looked me up in the system. She gave an "uh-oh" and I acknowledged to her that she wouldn't find me in the system and that was the reason I had come to the office in person. She then apologized and said she was unable to add me into the system. She didn't have the proper credentials...and the people who could add a new address to the system don't work on Saturday.

So, after waiting for 3 days and then sitting in line for 40 minutes, I'm told I still can't be helped. I was ready to give up on them at this point...I'm not even a customer yet and I'm already fed up with their processes. However, I still believe I'd prefer this devil over the Qwest devil, so I try to drill her on why the process is so messed up. She pleads ignorance saying only that "if everybody could just enter addresses willy nilly, they'd have a real problem." (I don't reply to this with my reasoning that if the CSRs are inputting addresses willy nilly that they need to either fix their software to check for problems, train the CSRs better, or fire them and get people who can do their job properly).

She offered to take down my information and hand it off on first thing Monday morning to a person who could input it into the system. I figured I could live with that, so I left my info and went on with my life. (I was rather frustrated, so I actually went on a pity spending spree to Game Night Games, a killer game store in Sugarhouse).

Monday morning came, as it always does, shortly after Sunday night. I had given my cell number to receive confirmation when my info was in the system and to work through signing up. I kept checking the clock, trying to see if it was "first thing Monday morning" yet. Apparently for those who hold the magical Comcast "keys, first thing" doesn't happen until ~11 AM. How do I get that gig? A position of some power, with a 6 hour day that starts at 11 AM. Rough.

Anyway, I was a bit frustrated, so I let him put my name in the system but didn't go through the sales process with him. I'm out to find a better deal where I can (so far, I've found one that gives me the modem free plus $100 cash back...).

I only hope that my Comcast woes are over and I can boost my Internet speed at home shortly. Wish me luck.


RemohDad said...

Just give it up, and go with Qwest!!!!


Okie said...

Qwest is the d-evil!

Anonymous said...

qwest is the devil, and comcast has requested devil status, but as you can see, the paperwork hasn't gone through yet. :) Comcast has better speeds, but the overriding question is, who charges you less for all the equipment, setup fees, service issues. Except for having to be a non-residential customer to get a static IP, I've been pretty happy with them.