Monday, March 12, 2007

Mayans of Guatemala hate Pres. Bush

As President George W. Bush makes his way around Central America as part of a political tour, he's been meeting many protests from people who don't really like him.

Interestingly, with his visit to a historic Mayan capital, present day Mayan priests will "spiritually cleanse" the land to remove any bad spirits that may be left by Bush.

Please don't take this as me poking fun at the Mayan people and rituals. I actually served a mission to Guatemala many years ago and truly love the Kaqchiquel people and their customs/traditions. What I am laughing at is just how bad Bush's reputation is...that people feel like they are 'unclean' after he's passed through. Talk about leaving a lasting impression.


Patty said...

If it were just Bush that people were feeling the need to cleanse after so what? (I see the humor in the story BTW) The bigger problem here is that the choices he's making are coloring how the world feels about our country. Republican or Democrate the next pres is going to have some damage control to do after he/she is elected I think.

E said...

I agree. It is amazing that this president of ours has been so willing and able to turn the rest of the world against our country. It seems also that he's done it in a very short time.

Okie said...

Good point. I was mainly looking at the humor of things. I've been trying not to look at politics too much lately because it's too frustrating (employing the "hide under a rock and let it go away" mentality).

US Foreign Policy has been ridiculous lately and there is definitely going to be plenty of damage control leaded by our next pres, whoever that may be. In my opinion, we haven't had good foreign policy in a very long time, which is sad...especially as we strive to be a world power that other countries should look to for support and examples.

Thanks for your comments. :)