Monday, March 26, 2007

Book Party Report

Just a quick report on the book party from Saturday night (so that those who didn't come will know what fun they missed *grin*).

We had about a dozen people there altogether. After a brief rundown of what BookWise is all about, I played a few minutes of an interview with author Dave Pelzer. He's an amazing man who has overcome so much in his life. His books are difficult to swallow mainly because it's so difficult to imagine the troubles he had to go through, but they're also very inspirational when you think about how he's overcome what he has it makes you realize how little we have to complain about.

After that we had some literature readings. I read a bit from the story I'm working on over at my blog (linked below if you'd like to read and give feedback). After that, Rich Baxter read a chapter from a book he's writen and is working through the publishing process with. He actually has it bound into book form already with a cool cover and everything. Our final reader was Kristine Armstrong who read some poetry she's writen as well as a poem written by her father.

We had a little break and gave away some free books. Because of the smaller turnout, nearly everybody left with a free book ranging from a Lion House Cookbook to East of Eden to books on the life of Jesus and the life of DaVinci.

We finished the night by mingling around and having some goodies (yummy pumpkin cookies and mint brownies). I queued up T.S. Eliot reading his poem The Wasteland and chatted with folks about books they're currently reading or recommending.

I hope to have another party like this in the early summer.

I'll keep you posted. :)

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