Monday, February 12, 2007

Believe - the movie

OK, so this may seem counterproductive to my other posts, but I think it's hilarious and wanted to share.

There's a new movie in production (not sure of a release date yet..."Coming Soon"), called "Believe" that pokes fun at the MLM industry. The site has pretty cool stuff (it's just missing a release date - *hint* to any of the people involved with the movie). Some of the video clips are hilarious, especially if you've been in an MLM before. Check out the instructional video series (I love the "Honesty" clip...very nice).

As an added bonus, as I was watching the trailer and reading about the cast, I was excited to see that my drama teacher (from way back when...I don't even know if he's still teaching), Steve Anderson, is in the movie...yet another reason for me to enjoy it. :)

Anyway, take a look at the clips, and let me know when you want to go see the movie and then have me tell you all about BookWise. ;)

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