Wednesday, January 10, 2007

A new year....a new job

I feel bad that it took me this long to finally post this. For the past little while, I wasn't terribly satisfied at my old job. So I started casually looking around. By the time December came, I was even less satisfied and actually "made public" my resume on Monster and was in touch with a couple recruiters.

By mid-December, I had a couple of job offers and ended up taking one of them. I gave my notice and left my old job at the end of the year and started a new one just after the new year (January 4th was my first day). The work itself is fairly similar to what I was doing before, but the environment seems quite a bit better. I'm excited to be working under a manager I worked with before who I'd enjoyed working with in the past...and there was a very nice pay increase which never (well, almost never) hurts when trying to make a place bearable. And...they still work with my school schedule so I started classes again this week (should be an interesting semester).

Anyway, that's the super quick lowdown...I hope to post more details in a bit but basically I wanted to get a post out before I forgot again. :)

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