Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Caveat Emptor - "Picture" of a PS3 ebay-ed for $1075

You'd think people would've learned their lessons after some fool bought an Xbox "Box" off ebay back in the launch days of Xbox 1. But alas, this ebay auction suggests that someone else just fell for a similar trick.

Near the bottom of the auction description, is this disclaimer: "Please note this only a picture of the console, not the actual system itself." The auction title is "Sony PLAYSTATION 3, PS3 game console picture!!!!!!!!!!"

Many people would easily interpret the title as just a bit of hasty posting to mean "PS3 game console...see picture!!!". But alas, it appears this auction is in fact selling the picture and it even claims to be doing so within the auction itself.

I don't know how much recourse the buyer may have to fight this. It will likely turn into another case of "buyer beware."

I do admit that I am kicking myself a little bit for cancelling my PS3 pre-order (I've been #2 on the pre-order list at Game Crazy for nearly a year). I could've sold my receipt for a grand, my box for another, and a picture for another...quintupled my money and still had the system for myself.

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Okie said...

And here is an example where the seller got screwed...looks like he put in the wrong "Buy It Now" price and ended up selling the console for 99 cents. Oopsie.

So, do these two wrongs cancel each other out and all is right in the world again?