Monday, September 11, 2006

Premium pre-packaged ice cubes

OK, so in a semi-response to my earlier post about premium water for your pets...comes this: premium pre-packaged ice cubes. Apparently, you take the little ice cube tray out of its package and put it in your freezer (I suspect some stores might have them in the frozen section so you can buy them convenient). Once frozen, you pull off the hermetic (sp?) seal and pop the frozen spring water in your favorite beverage (presumably a glass of spring water).

They also have "Scotch Rocks" (which includes 4 ice cubes plus a bottle of whisky), and they're looking into "Ice Kids" (which basically sound like spring water popsicles).

I am constantly confused by the barrage of spring water and natural water. I acknowledge that some pipes are better than others and some cities have better quality water than others, but seriously...just how "premium" can you get with water. Either it's fresh and clear or its not? These ice cubes (like the premium pet water post) strike me as ridiculous. If you really care that much about clean water, you're likely already making your own ice cubes using your bottled water. Why do you need to purchase pre-packaged ready-to-freeze ice cubes?

Can somebody please elaborate on the water insanity?

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