Monday, September 25, 2006

More senseless violence in the world

Why is it that the world is so freaky sometimes? A teacher in China beat an 11 year old student to death (knocked her head into desks, stomped on her when she fell and then beat her with a steel bar) and then as if that wasn't enough, he picked her up and said he was going to take her to the clinic (which implies that there were witnesses to this horrific scene...presumably other students), but instead of whisking her to the school nurse, he threw her out the fourth story window of the classroom.

What possesses a person to unearth that kind of violence...against a child no less? And this from a "teacher"...the people we rely on to inspire and mold our youth. As of yet, no motive has been revealed, but truly what kind of motive can a person have for doign something like that? It sickens me to know that these sort of things go on in our "civilized world."

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