Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Microsoft breaks their own rules

OK, so to put out a video game for the various consoles, there is a set of stringent requirements by the manufacturer that the title must pass in order to be released to the world. If you're pushing a title to Xbox, you have to submit your game to Microsoft and wait a week or two while they run tests against your game to make sure it meets their requirements. If you're pushing a title to Playstation, you must do the same thing with Sony.

Well, one of the REQUIREMENTS for Xbox is worded something to the effect of "Any error messages displayed by the title must be in a user friendly format without using any internal code or technical jargon."

Apparently, Microsoft doesn't feel they have to adhere to their own requirement as outlined by the post by Major Nelson regarding one (of many) incoherent, non-user-friendly error codes spewed by the Xbox Dashboard.

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