Friday, July 28, 2006

Movie reviews...the joy of slamming a movie

My favorite movie reviews are those where the reviewer decides to slam the movie. It's not necessarily because I agree with the reviewer and am grateful for their insight...but rather, it's because it's in these reviews that the reviewer actually gets creative and provides a witty and entertaining review rather than the watered down slop that usually fills the review pages.

This review of Miami Vice has some particularly fun lines. Now, I admit freely that I haven't been terribly hyped to watch Miami Vice on the big screen. To me, it's just another rehash of old Tv sitcoms in the same vein of other Hollywood money siphons of late.

That said, take a read and give a giggle.

Some of my favorite lines:
* This movie has some awesome clouds in it.
* the laughable acting is all we're left to remember.
* there are a few memorable gunshots, which are very loud and very powerful
* I don't think it's wrong for me to expect to be entertained

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