Wednesday, July 19, 2006


As many of you may know...I'm a pinball junkie and a pirate junkie. So imagine my joy when I read about this. Now to hope that it makes it to an arcade within driving distance.

On a side note, I will acknowledge that a lot of the recent pinball tables out there have been less than intriguing. Mostly just rehashes of existing tables with a new skin based on some new franchise. And this one looks to be largely the same, though some of the concepts (trapping your balls in the whirling vortex, banging on Davy Jones' heart) look as though they might actually be compelling.

Still, my favorite pinball machines remain Addam's Family and Jurassic Park. It's hard to find a new table to complete with the excitement and progression of the Addam's Family table...and it's even harder to find an Addam's Family table that's in good shape (though there is one I know about...if you ask nicely I might share the secret location...I don't want it to get trashed).

As for the movie, I definitely enjoyed the most recent Pirates movie. I admit that it lost a little of the tempo that the first one established and I was bummed that so much was left unresolved, but I still loved it and look forward to #3.


Kevin said...

I LOVE pinball. I had no idea that you were a pinball junkie! I must admit though that I haven't played in a long long time. We should get together sometime! I could get into that now that I'm so anti video games ;)

Okie said... are the arcades in the ProvOrem area?

Pinball is definitely my preferred arcade attraction. I usually gravitate to Pinball first. If I can't find a decent table (due to broken parts or just lame tables), I'll usually seek out old school classics like Galaga or Pac Man.

I'm not a fan of all the TONS of shooters or fighters at the arcade. They all feel about the same and, while they can be fun for a bit, don't have a lasting entertainment value for me.

Pinball is definitely WHERE IT'S AT! :)