Thursday, May 11, 2006

Back to School

OK, so having this post in springtime just as school is letting out may seem misplaced. However, in light of recent events and a TON of thinking and working through things, I've decided that the time is right to go back to school.

I'm still working through all of the details (because of my absence from school, I have to be formally readmitted). But I think we've got everything in the works such that everything will flow on smoothly to actually earning this degree. I've been "going" to school since ~96...I thought I only had about a year worth of classes left, but it looks more like 2 I'll finally get that Bachelor's degree after only ~12 years. Wa-hoo!

Anyway, I'll give more details as they work themselves out, but that's the quick synopsis of what's going on.


Kevin said...

Hip Hip Hooray!!!

Drogo said...

Good Luck, Okie-Meister-Meister-Okie...