Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Who to vote for? Play the game...

Well, a week or two ago, Josh sent this to me then tonight I hit up Kevin's blog and found it there. I figured it was time to post it along with my results.

Click HERE to play the Candidate match game and see who you should vote for in the next presidential election.

I took the quiz a handful of times to try and eliminate my fencepost votes. Out of the five times I took it tonight, my results were as you see in the image below:
1- Mitt Romney
2- Hillary Clinton
3- Bill Richardson

The other times I took it tonight as well as when I took it back when Josh showed it to me, Hillary took the number 1 spot, Romney dropped off and some random third showed up.

So, I guess my pairing needs Hillary and Mitt to team up as pres/vice-pres and just agree to do what I tell them to do. It's actually kind of interesting to me to read the comments from each candidate on the questions asked...funny to see where I still disagree with my top 3.

How about you? How did your list stack up?

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