Friday, September 21, 2007

Halo 3

Curse you Goose!!!

I've been more or less ignoring the Halo3 hype...not terribly excited about it. But this morning, Goose sends me over this video (embeddd below). I watch it. I drool. I bounce to other Halo3 sites and watch other videos. I am suddenly very excited about this release. Granted, I'm still too busy with family/school/work to warrant picking it up at release next week (although I feel a bit of a cold coming on *cough, cough*). But I can definitely see myself picking this title up sooner rather than later...where before, I figured I'd wait for it to hit the $20 platinum pricing and then I'd still go buy it used. ;)

Not only does it look great and play great...but it's got a robust movie editor and level editor (real time level editor, mind talked about doing something like that in Amped 3 but never got it quick that robust). I'll have to try them to make sure they're as cool as they make them look...but based on this video, I'm thinking I won't be disappointed.


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