Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Not a good summer for hardware

What a fun summer this has been hardware-wise.

Back at the beginning of the summer, my CD burner decides to stop reading disks. Fortunately I also had a DVD drive I could use...I just couldn't burn any more.

Mid-July, my Xbox 360 decided to succumb to the flaming ring of death. Fortunately Microsoft decided that my warranty was good and they sent me a box to ship it in for repairs. The first week in August they sent me a replacement and I was able to spend some quality time gaming with the kids again. ;)

Then, two weeks later, my new Xbox 360 decides it doesn't want to read any disks any more. As it tries, I can hear the gears groaning as they struggle to spin the disk. The box arrived yesterday to ship my 360 back for another repair.

Also yesterday, I got a phone call from the wife saying that the computer was having trouble finding the system disk. Suspecting the worst but hoping for the best, I got home last night and tried to boot. The hideous clicking of plates from inside the hard drive combined with the failure to recognize a Master IDE device showed me that I'd waited too long since my last backup. I'll be installing a new hard drive (and then reinstalling the OS and all that goes with it) later this week.

Why can't things just work right forever? ;)


Anonymous said...

Sorry dood...nothing worse than losing a hard drive to the click of death.

Kevin said...

Hey weren't you a Boy Scout?