Sunday, July 08, 2007

As Promised - Grand Canyon pictures

As promised earlier, here are the photos from our Grand Canyon vacation. You can access the entire set of photos at my Picasa Album. And if you want to look at the photos while reading the trip recap, here's a link to that blog entry.

If you're just looking for a few highlights, here they are. Enjoy.

First, here are some images from along the canyon rim. We hiked the Rim Trail and drove to a couple of overlooks. Here are some images of the fam enjoying the view.

These are from Walnut Canyon just outside of Flagstaff. This hike takes you down into the canyon. The kids loved being able to go inside the ruins of old Indian cliff dwellings and climbing inside cracks and crevices.

Here's some shots of Andrew and Jason getting sworn into the Junior Ranger program. Andrew, Jason, Julia and Lynette all earned their Junior Ranger badges. :)

These last two are from Andrew's favorite location, the Watchtower. Inside the tower are some cool wall paintings. The view from the top was very cool.

So there's some highlights. For the rest, head over to my web album.

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