Thursday, May 10, 2007

The rollin' Stones

What a load of crap!

OK, so after a week with a backache that then got super bad yesterday, I went in and had a CT done only to find that I've got a mondo kidney stone that isn't going to be kind enough to pass easily. So I was told I need to schedule an appointment with a urologist to get it taken care of. I was given the name of a couple of urologists and started making phone calls.

Nearly an hour later and after having called 20 different offices, it would seem that there are NO urologists in the Salt Lake area that can help me in a timely fashion. Many don't work on Friday at all and those that do work on Friday only do the "lithotripsy" (sp?) to deal with kidney stones on specific days of the week. The soonest anybody would be able to see me is on Wednesday...but that doctor requires me first to do a full on physical and another ct with their office. The other one that can see me will do it on next Thursday.

In the meantime, my back is ready to explode. So, it looks like I might get to do a trip to the ER...which means a bigger payment and a bigger ding to the insurance (which is being scrutinized anyway because we're trying to get on with a different company but they don't want to take us because we use our policy too often for things like this).


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