Sunday, March 11, 2007

Story 11

[NOTE: This is part of a progressive story. The first entry is here. Check the blog label 2007Story for all entries]

6:17 AM

     For the first time in a week, Blake slept a little easier. It was a relief knowing that his friends were now helping him solve this strange little mystery. He didn't know that they'd have the answer right away, but he knew they'd have it sooner than if he continued spinning his wheels on his own.

     Blake woke before his alarm went off and lay in bed staring through the half-light of dawn at the patterns of shadows on the wall. He pulled himself from his bed and got ready for the day, being sure to allow for time to stop by Quarks Electronics and pick up his "pen" so as not to arouse any suspicion. He was sure the pen had been a gift from the Commander. He wasn't sure when it showed up in his bag, but when he'd arrived home after school yesterday and found it, he was quickly curious. Upon finding the hidden electronic gizmo within, he knew he was under scrutiny. He only hoped that Thomas could turn this little gift to his advantage without raising any eyebrows from the Commander.

     Upon reaching Quarks, he found the door locked and the lights off. Taped to the door was an envelope with Blake's name scrawled across the front. The envelope was cool to the touch and had a slight dampness to it. Blake wondered how long it had hung outside. He wondered again at the nature of this quiet little town. In most other cities, an envelope like this wouldn't have lasted an hour, let alone a good portion of the morning, without someone ripping it down and hoping for money or some other valuables inside. Yet, here it hung undisturbed. Partly, Blake acknowledged, because the streets of town were desolate from midnight to five AM save for the rare late night or early morning commuters making their way in or out of town. In all likelihood, nobody even saw the envelope. But even if they had, Blake knew that no one in town would have lifted a finger to even nudge it and test its weight.

     Pulling the envelope open, Blake found his new pen in place. He removed it and slid it into the side pocket of his backpack and then pulled out the accompanying note written in blue ink with smudged, blotchy handwriting.


I've set it up to send your location to the original recipient and to a receiver I built tonite. It's also going to send me info as to the strength of the signal. I've set up a program to try and use your loc. and the signal strength to triangeleight triangulate possible locations of the other receiver. I've got it so it uploads info to your website every 10 minutes. We won't know if it's gonna work or how accurate it's gonna be until it signal starts going strong again. There's also a possibility that I broke the whole thing. But I don't think so since I was able to get the signal back at my receiver fine. But it's 4 AM now and I have to go catch up on my TV shows before bed, so I'm done now. If it's bad, come see me tomorrow and we'll try again.

--T. Moore

     Black grinned at Thomas' efforts, shoved the note into his backpack and continued his walk to school perking up his ears as if hoping to hear the invisible blip he was about to broadcast to the Commander announcing his arrival.

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