Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Free Books This Weekend

Hi all...just a quick reminder that I'm having a BookWise party this weekend (in West Bountiful UT). We'll spend a little time explaining the BookWise business plan to show how you can make money and earn free books. I'll also be having a drawing for some FREE BOOKS. And as an added bonus, to anybody who signs up this weekend, I'll be giving you an additional free book from the catalog (in addition to the free book you get in your starter package) just for signing up this weekend.

For those writers out there, I'll also be having a literature reading at the end of the evening where people can share their own writing or writing that inspires them.

Hope to see you there.

For more details, go over to my bookwise site and click on the 17th on the calendar of events. Or just comment/contact me for more info.

P.S. - To you non-Utahns out there (or to people who can't make it to the party), I am extending the free book offer to you as well...just sign up this weekend as an associate and I'll hook you up with a free book. Contact me for details.

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