Friday, December 01, 2006

Finally....a new Lagoon attraction that might be worth the hype

OK, so Lagoon is our local amusement park. And while I would much rather hop a plane to hit a truly great park on either opposite coast, that option isn't really feasible for me (yet *grin*).

Anyway, each year, Lagoon introduces a new ride to the park. It has been AGES since they've put in a new ride that actually warrants all the hype (and the inevitable ticket increase that inevitably comes with it). In fact, some of the new and exciting rides they introduced ~10 years ago have already been scrapped...what a wonderful use of funds.

Well, this year, they are putting in a new roller coaster (big surprise, right). This coaster includes a 101 foot drop. However, the excitement will actually (theoretically) start before that because instead of towing you up the near vertical hill, they will be using a "linear synchronous motor" to 'LAUNCH' you up the hill, thus starting you off with speed even before cresting the hill.

It advertises a 2 and a half minute ride with speeds of 55 mph (18.5 meters per second) and nearly 5 g's of force.

Admitedly, I won't be able to fully sign off on this until I ride it. After all, I was excited to hear their proposal for a suspended coaster a couple of years back...and alas, that ride is 'ho-hum' to say the least.

However, the schematics they have on their site make this one at least seem promising. *Fingers crossed*

(Now if I could just find a way to get in free...)

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