Friday, September 08, 2006

"Premium water" - for your pet...

OK, there just seems to be something wrong with this. I'm not currently a pet owner (well, we have a goldfish), but I've had cats/dogs in the past...and I've loved them and wanted all to be well with them. But this seems to be going too far.

Premium water for your animals...the same animals that have no qualms about drinking from the toilet (clean or not)...or from puddles in the yard. I acknowledge that "pure H20" is better for anybody than water tainted with dirt or chemicals or what have you. We have VERY hard water in our house (it's virtually destroyed a dishwasher within a couple of months). Because of this, we have a water filter on our tap to filter out the garbage in the water and make it a little more friendly for us. We buy jugs of distilled water in the winter to fill up humidifiers when somebody has a cold. And yes, from time to time my wife drinks bottled water.

However, making it a point to give your pets "premium" seems to be going a little far. You should be willing to give them the same water that you drink yourself. If that means sharing YOUR bottled water with them, so be it.

I would be curious to see if the vitamin/mineral fortified water DOES in fact help improve the health of the animals...but the sort of study required to PROVE that to me isn't likely to happen or be conclusive for some time.

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