Friday, July 21, 2006

Video Game industry burns out talent...ya think?

A new article on an old subject...I wonder how many years it will take of seeing the same article again and again before work conditions really change in the game industry? It sadly might never blood keeps coming in to replace those burned out and the new blood just accepts the long hours as the norm and burns themselves out while they prep the industry for the next batch of new blood.

Another article just a few weeks ago on gamasutra talked about the same sort of thing as they said "Enthusiastic young people join the business; the hours and working conditions burn them out; they leave to find a more sane occupation, and a new crop shows up all ready for the flames. Apart from the waste of life and talent this represents, it means that game companies have no institutional memory, and that's partly why we keep making design errors"

Oh well, as long as we occassionally get a handful of decent games among the flood of garbage and we don't drive too many people to suicide (I know that may sound off the cuff...but I'm being serious as I send my condolences to the family of an ex-co-worker who recently did just that *frown*)'s alright.

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