Saturday, April 29, 2006

Spare change mister? ;) somebody jokingly suggested this and for those who know me, I'm one who usually takes things (especially jokes) to their full conclusion...often going "too far". So here it is: In light of recent employment activities, I introduce you to the Paypal donation button for Okie's "Spare Change" fund. This is NOT an official charity and as such has no real method for me to provide any tax deduction information or any of that...this is just you handing some spare change to a fellow soul...not much more too it than that. If you have some spare virtual paypal change you want to toss into the bucket, use the button below to do so. Thanks. ;) lol

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Kevin said...

Yeah, funny. If you still haven't landed gainful employment by the time your severance runs out give a holler and then maybe I'll throw you a dime or two...or three ;)
Good luck my friend, you have a lot of people pulling for you and ready to support you etc. You are very blessed.