Thursday, March 10, 2005

An old friend...out of the blue

Ok, so it wasn't totally out of the least not today...a few months ago it was out of the blue. One of my friends who was part of the massive heinous axe cut a year or more ago here at work now works at a company across the street. Apparently he got talking with one of his new coworkers and they both for some reason talked about "this guy" they knew and the similarities were strangely much so that they found they were both talking about me. :)

So we arranged a lunch and I met up with an old buddy from high school days. My more recent friend was sick so he didn't get to come, but it was fun seeing my old friend again. He's doing well and it was fun to catch up and reminisce.

I've never really been one to hang on desparately to things or events from the past (well, the "things" part isn't entirely true...I am a bit of a packrat). But I can get very attached to friends and I try to stay in touch with my good friends from high school. This particular friend was one that I have felt bad about losing contact with, so it was exciting to get back in touch with him. There's still a couple of good friends that I would really like to get back in touch with, but for the most part, I've actually kept in touch with most of my close circle of friends from high school, which I feel good about, especially considering it's been over 10 years...

You can never have too many friends, and even if you drift apart, knowing where they are is always a good step. :)

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