Monday, June 25, 2007

I hate stuff like this...especially close to home.

This was going on during my morning commute this morning. Basically there was an inmate up at the University hospital for some type of procedure...he somehow managed to overpower and shoot a police officer and then steal a car and lead a high speed chase from the University down to an Arby's few blocks from where I work.

As I neared work, I noticed 2 helicopters hovering over the area. The radio news updates let me know that things were winding down.

I never worried for my safety or anything like that. But it still makes me sick that things like this happen...that people can have such a disregard for human life...for other people...for anything other than themselves. The inmate's record apparently includes burglary and forgery with at least one "weapon's crime" but he's currently in for a 'parole violation.' Something tells me he won't be eligible to break another parole anytime in the near future.

It's a sad world we live in. Ugh.


Bob said...

Typicall of the kind of people you find in Utah. I know he's probably more extreme, but your average resident of Utah appears to be just a frightening!

Okie said...

But our "average resident of Utah" doesn't shoot and kill a cop and then run on a high speed chase across the valley before holing up in a fast food place. Comparing the "average" Utahn to an inmate turned cop-killer hardly seems like a just comparison.

I acknowledge that you (and many others) have strong opinions about "average Utahns" and their way of doing things...but I don't see what that had ANYTHING to do with this post.

If this same thing had happened in California, New York, D.C., Florida or any other state, would you have made the comment that this "extreme" burgler/killer is "just as frightening" as a California surfer/beach-bum or a Florida retiree?

Seriously...if you have a complaint to raise, at least raise it in a forum appropriate to your cause. (and have the guts to link back to yourself so you can defend against a rebuttals)

Anonymous said...

I'm pretty sure I don't have a cause, other than to comment on the scary folks in Utah.

As for my guts, what would you like me to link to? Do you want my email address? A picture? What??

The Beehive people scare me. The dude you wrote about is a scary guy. I just made an observation based on a few personal experiences (mixed in with some widely known facts). If you've had similar experiences with New Yorkers or California surfers then by all means, feel free to draw your own conclusions.

Does this qualify for "defending against a rebuttals" Or is your site not the place to comment publicly on something you wrote?

Sheesh. So much for clicking on that random blog link. Next thing you know, BAM!! you find another nutty (and quite defensive) UTAHN.

Okie said...

My point was not to condemn you for trying to criticize Utahns.

What I was pointing out was the fact that this particular post was about the sad state of a world full of people with no concern for the well being of any person but themselves. Comparing an encounter with an "average resident" with an encounter with an incarcerated criminal is hardly a fair comparison, wouldn't you agree? It's true that we can all be considered on the verge of becoming a criminal, but until we do commit some heinous act such as this, lumping the "average" population in with the acts of extremists isn't wholly justified.

These sorts of things happen all over the world every day...I just didn't see the correlation between a post about a criminal in jail and a broad generalization about Utahns. Broad generalizations tend to get me defensive, yes, not because they are always wrong but because they are generally based on isolated events filled with misunderstandings or personal bias. Perhaps your experience with the average Utahn does include individuals who fight with police officers and steal cars to flee for their life...but my experiences do not include such individuals.

My asking for you to link to yourself was so that a person would be able to respond to the comment. The fact that you returned to respond again shows your willingness to engage in a conversation. My worry was that you would drop a comment and then vanish forever without any possibility for discussion or clarification.

Thanks for stopping by and posting...I hope I didn't scare you off by being defensive about a seemingly off topic defensiveness was merely at the prospect of you being a random Utah-basher making an isolated comment with no intent of actually carrying on an intelligent discussion...I'm not a fan of flamers who post then run.

Thanks for proving me wrong about yourself. I hope you'll come by again. :)