Thursday, February 16, 2006

Utah Winters = why can't people drive in it?

You would think that based merely on the fact that Utah's license plate touts "the greatest snow on earth", that the inhabitants of this state would be able to drive around even when the white flakes are flying.

I can attest to you with absolute certainty that this is far from the case. I don't understand it at all. Every time there is a snowstorm, there are dozens of accidents reported along Utah freeways. One or two would be understandable...there are accidents even in clear weather. But to see that number skyrocket like it does just doesn't say much for Utah drivers.

Case in point. On Wednesday, we had a BIG snowstorm. It lasted all day and dumped pretty good. Granted, I anticipated this would cause some accidents and slow traffic down (HINT: traffic should slow down in the snow anyway). But I was in no way prepared for what I would encounter on my drive home.

I left a little early in an attempt to be ahead of the majority of the crazy rush hour drivers. I checked the Utah "commuter link" cameras on their website and noted 4 crashes along my drive home and slowing traffic along all routes. I didn't know how bad it was until I actually got into the thick of it.

I only personally saw three cars off to the side of the road, but traffic itself was moving at such a crawl that I actually got out of my car twice (on the road) to brush snow off my rear windshield (meaning I was going slow enough for it to accumulate and I was stopped long enough for me to get out, brush off the snow and get back in before traffic moved).

All in all it took me nearly 4 hours to drive 15 miles from where I work (by the Airport) to my home (in Bountiful). The radio announced (before they stopped their traffic reports at ~7) that there had been 46 accidents in Davis County (my destination).

Maybe it's because I actually took my Driver's Ed. classes & test during the winter months...but I haven't ever really had any problem driving in snow and ice. I slow down. I take precautions. I give people plenty of room. Why is it that there are so many drivers in this snow filled state that can't seem to understand how they ought to drive in the snow.


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Kevin said...

Yeah, I remember that day. I sat in my nice warm living room and watched the news while all you poor sucker 'commuters' crawled and inched your way home.
Sucks to be you.
I'm glad you weren't one of 'those' stuck on the side of the road though. :)